Friday, April 8, 2011

Escape to reality

Bright lights flashing everywhere I don't know what's going on am I dying I can't see anything I can hear voices but I can say anything I am screaming but no one can hear what I say they are looking for something. Are they looking for me they must be I want to scream and wave my arms but it's no use I can do anything just watch helplessly looking at my body but I am not dead so this is weird I must be in a coma. The thought frightens me even what if I never wake up what happens if I die This is all so weird but its real I know it and not some weird dream that I am imagining this is really happening I can't remember anything at all just a blur of sounds that don't make any sense. They found me it looks like my motionless body is placed onto a stretcher and I am whisked away  to a hospital now I stare over an hospital room me lying there my family in silence My mother is probably heartbroken because she can't do anything but watch and wait to see what happens. I received many visitors throughout the day most of them silent a few in tears it's not a good situation oh no my actual family came in why don't let my son see this I want to yell for letting him see this he is confused only a toddler what is going on and there's Mindy she is hiding her sadness but I can see it in her eyes Now I start remembering what happened I had been called to check out a building with my team I found a bomb  I screamed at my team to get out and I ran for cover to get out of the blast it's a miracle that I survived I hope I am not a vegetable for life because I don't think they could take it.  The doctors come in start explaining bad news saying I am in a deep coma and they don't know if I will come out of it or survive it's looking so grim I can't do anything they explain that I was in pretty bad shape. it must be pretty bad because Mindy had to sit down now I start getting worried what's going to happen to me I don't want to die I have so much to live for I don't want to leave her behind It brings tears to my eyes will I ever get to return to my body or will I stay like this forever and die with nobody to talk to the thought of that just sent chills down my spine I don't think I could handle it I would go insane. Wait what's going on now they are shooing them out of the room I look around their is distress then it hits me I am dying my body is going into cardiac arrest no I don't want to go all of a sudden I hear a voice I can't quite tell who it is but it sound familiar like I have heard it before then it hits me it's not one but multiple voices  it must be the passage to heaven then one voice calls out my name and says do I want to stay or go I tell them I want to return to my body they acknowledge my answer and I started to see my life flash before my eyes i saw ever tying from my childhood like me and Mindy's first official date and me getting promoted to Lt and so many other memories it was tear jerking what was happening did they not want me to return were they taking me away i aw the doctors trying to revive me i then heard the voice again i knew it for sure this time it was my grandfather he asked me if i wish to return again or stay i told him he said ok and pushed me i started falling for what seemed like a eternity i just sat there falling getting closer and closer to returning I thought they were sending me away and i would be a sprit doomed to roam the earth forever till i was released as i was falling i could hear my grandfather again he was telling me what to do and how to return it sounded extremely difficult i didn't know if i would make it back before it was too late i thought i was a goner i thought i would never see them again for a long time till they grew old themselves and i would be I was running out of time I didn't think i was going to make it i was sure it was almost hapless but i will continue anyways i am not about to make a wife a widow and a child a fatherless child without a say in the matter I thought of all my friends that i would miss honing out with them and their families since we get together allot and do things together it wouldn't but the time was up i had failed i slumped at the door because i couldn't get through and probably by now the doctors were covering me up  i sat there and cried because i would be stuck here forever as i sat there feeling sorry for myself i saw something in the distance i could make out what it was it was bright and loud i couldn't make out what it was or the sounds coming from it i stood up and tried to get a better view of it i still couldn't see anything it roared by me and blew open the door with such force it almost fell off the hinges and this is a sprit door so it had to be strong i watched in amazement as it turned out to be every single loved one i have ever knew appeared they told me to get through the door a family is waiting for me i just about cried again they had saved me i thanked them all walked through the door fell downwards again but now i could hear the doctors yelling for things i saw the hospital i went through the ceiling straight into my body i jolted up with such force i just about took out one of the doctors my family came rushing in i was breathing heavy but i had made it my family was there the doctors were so confused because they were about to give up on me because it was taking too long but apparently i didn't lose any significant brain function because they tested this out i was back and i was happier than ever my had rushed in they explained that they had found the guy who started this in the first place i told them good work and if everything is done to go home because i couldn't go back to work yet it would be a bit which was fine with me because i still got paid but got to be with my loving family i looked upwards and smiled knowing i had family watching over me I was back and here to stay for awhile and there was nothing to stop me It took me several days in the hospital to be cleared to leave but when that happened i t was a wonderful feeling apparently i healed faster than they expected me too I returned home to a huge welcoming party they set up a party for my triumphant return  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daily Journal 4-7-11 Creative writing review

well I enjoyed this class It really opened up my creative side of me where i had to think of random short stories the prompts for the most part were good except for a couple of which i couldn't think of any for I like sitting by my two friends in this class and hanging out reading each others posts and listening to music I really enjoyed the lyrics assignment it was interesting I like when i did it you were still in florida but the sub was not liking my song choice becasue he was a older gentlemen who apparently doesn't like rock I chose Monster by skillet it was pretty entertaining to watch his facce this class opened up my emotions into words which i like d becasue it shocked and urprised me what was hiding for so long

What i didn't like about this class was the poetry unit for most of them it took me forever to think of what to write or i got confused easily next year don't go as long because it got boring and confusing There was a couple of poems were it took me forever to figure out how to write it because the structure was weird others were too simple overall i liked this class and enjoyed it

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

daily journal 4-6-11

one of the only bad memories  i can think of at a restaurant is i went to Burnsivlle's prom last year and we had to eat somewhere since they don't provide food but i didn't know anyone but my date at the table and they were having weird conversations so i just sat there made little conversation and ate my food and then we walked back outside and were on our way but the rest of that story is for a different time and private another time i can think of a bad experiencing was me puking in a pizza hut bathroom

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

daily journal 4-5-11

if i would to open my own Restaurant I would call it Liggetts House of food or something like that it would be a place for all to eat but on weekends it turns into a 21 and over like wild bills so people can come and party after a long week we would serve just about everything like burgers sandwiches pizza pasta and much more I would have an elite staff and a very good money mangers I would start off with one building and slowly grow till i have them nation wide and possibly global I would run a tight but not unreasonable for management i would make sure the employees are happy with the job and not hate it because a unhappy worker brings down ratings I would sweep this world with the very good food and excellent service I would have it be run by family members as well now there would be more buildings with are name on it then just drug stores 

Monday, April 4, 2011

daily journal 4-4-11

The old man was furious he threw the chair across the room and it crashed violently against the wall the others in the room seemed to get the point of his rage and ceased to stop their talking the man was angry becasue of what people were telling him what was going on today he might be evicted from his home that him and his family have lived in for many generations he lost his cool and needed to take his anger out on something the chair was the closest object the neighbors knocked on the door to see if everything was alright  because they heard the crash after leaving he started to calm down he walked out of his house and went to a nearby gas station he decided he would buy a lottery ticket just for grins little did he know that the ticket would be the next winner he just about fainted when he found out he won the next day because he had become a millionaire in one night no more being evicted he decided he would use this money wisely and put it in a untouchable account from taxes his life was turnedd around and he could continue to live how he wanted


            It all happened so quickly I couldn't remember anything till I was awoken from the cryo sleep chamber people were staring over me looking at me and figuring out what century I was from or something they said I was caught off guard and demanded to know where I was and what I was doing here. It took several minutes for them to explain that I was frozen for 100 years gave me random aches and pains when they finally let me up they started giving me weapons they told me no time to explain because the world was under attack and they needed every person they could get I tried telling them I would be useless because my vision they stared at me gave me something then my vision dramatically changed I now had perfect vision well one bonus of being in the future I also told them I never had any combat training they proceeded to tell me that if I ever played any shooting video games that I would be fine having played many apparently I was valuable to them I went and suited up I looked I had a device that they gave me it was a preview of games I had ever played I clicked on halo a halo armor suit came up and was fitted around me I had just become a walking tank I took my favorite combo an assault rifle and a battle rife but then noticed that there was halo reach pistols and took one of those instead I walked over to a vehicle depot got in a jet and flew off aliens were attacking and I was called to stop them it was up to me to secure a landing zone hostile territory so troops could land and retake the area which used to be Washington D.C.  they had anti  air defenses waiting for me I did crazy maneuvers to get out of the way it worked for awhile but they shot a wing off going out of control I am it at one of the guns stupid plasma I eject but change my game style to crackdown and use the flight suit to get to safety being a even stronger tank I stay with this I start ripping the plasma turrets to shreds I pick one of them up with my strength and toss it at a few others I now have a machine gun and a rocket launcher so pretty much I am not to be messed with I destroy the rest of them and call in the troops I run with them to the capital and we start the engagement it's a long hard battle of me constantly switching to random characters to get through a certain area I have my strategy games going the entire time so we have a tactical advantage That battle was intensely difficult it took my full focus to survive but we managed to pull off the victory so then they started filling in details like the fact we were under attack by a different planet who wants our resources. They would stop at nothing to get them and it was up to us to stop them r the world would be destroyed. they explained that if they succeed they would dry up the oceans and lakes burn the trees and then suck out all the oxygen till there is nothing left i asked why we hadn't used nuclear powers to fight back they told me it doesn't work they tried that and it failed because their shields are too strong so they had to develop new technology which made everyone who has ever played a video game a unstoppable solider it was slowly winning the war back. they began to tell me of their plan to win the war their mother ship was hovering just above our planet if we could take it we could win this thing they were telling me my job was to infiltrate the  ship with a team and to take it over I was given orders to clear the ship of all life and let nothing get into my way I switched on my armor to fallout style I was wearing the unbreakable power armor i put on a stealth boy and gave them to my team as well we then found a way into the ship after following the enemy for awhile we teleported up to the ship and began our mass carnage of cleaning the ship we took out major systems like communications and weapons that we would put back together later we caught them all by surprise they were not expecting the attack at all they didn't have time to call for help or anything but once the ship was ours we reconnected the weapons and communication systems and sent word back that the mission was a success scientists and military officials came aboard we were told to report back to base for further orders. this area was under control we were ordered to finish off the reaming forces that took several days of hard work it was exhausting after it was over and the planet was won back I thought I was done but I was wrong. The forces now were preparing for a counter attack on their planet. which would start right away we were put on the mothership as a disguise we would follow the ships previous flight logs back to the home planet to start our strike so i was preparing the ship for an attack and apparently hyper space. the ship ripped through it we saw their planet and new why they came to ours their planet was just like ours. they must have saw our space programs and decided to take over now they were on the defensive for their planet we came prepared we wanted to find out if their cities were protected against nukes some areas were others were not including a critical area for landing which means we could also land our forces there we informed the fleet of it and they started to land troops as we got closer to the surface you could already see the chaos it was a surprise attack and they were caught off guard completely unprepared for war on their home planet I lead my team into battle we slowly made our way through their lines we ran into a few prisons and freed our allies that had been caught we began out storming of the capital there would be no mercy because they had shown us none we had civilians to avenge even though i didn't have any connections to any of them that i knew off we stormed their palace made them surrender and sign a treaty which stated we don't bother u and u don't bother us or we will destroy your planet time deals then i returned back to earth victorious the leaders then told me I could live a regular life now I told them how i don't have any family they pointed me in the direction of some long distant relatives that i am related to so i went and lived with them they apparently knew who i was because the story of my disappearance was passed through each child so i was welcomed i then settled down with an nice young woman of my age not actual age since i was 218 years old i decided not to tell her that she might find that a little weird but now i had family and a reason to stay in the future and not try and return even though I wanted to it was relaxing since all the problems of my day were sorted out now and didn't have to worry about a single thing or so i though this went on for a couple years had a nice family but i was called into war once more the invaders had broken their trety and were attacking once more this time they had allies it was bad situation now playing some high tech video games my arsenal was a little crazier war just never seems to end we fought for our lands our families and our world they would not take it from us without a fight it seemed to go on and on and on till we finally pushed them back still knowing the area of the planet i led a death ray time ship to the planet it we decided it had gone too far this time they had destroyed many lives including mine my family was killed in this so i wanted revenge i personally hit the kill button and watched as the planet was vaporized in seconds there was nothing left but tiny particles of the planet we then proceeded to take out there neighboring allies we invaded took their chain of command burned villages and then destroyed it as well it was a ruthless thing to do but it must be done to win war sometimes and I thought they deserved it anyways. I then returned back to the world that once again had nothing for me I thought what I should do should I stay here or try and find a way back home. As time went on I thought more of it and finally decided I would like to try and find a way back to my own time because there I had a life to yet fulfill I started looking for a way back but it was tricky because the government thought I was too important to let out of their grasp just in case another attack was struck so I had to sneak out of the future without anyone knowing which made this more difficult by the minute. I found a scientist who had the materials to make a time machine to send me back to where I came from all he required was the helmet that gave me my armor powers I told him he builds the machine and gets me back he can have it he agrees to the deal and begins to build the machine it takes several weeks of hard work. The machine was finally complete but it lacked one thing a suitable power source that only government had. I have to get it which means I am stealing from the government and if I am caught I would be killed for my crimes. This mission would be very tricky I put on the helmet for one last time and got out the splinter cell outfit for its stealth. I then set off towards the compound which when arriving it took several hours to sneak in and out of the building without being noticed I did my best not to kill any guards by knocking them out and hiding them from clear view. It was tricky but I finally got the part and made it out alive. I then returned to the scientist who put the power source into the machine it came to life I set the date back to my own time and hit the switch oddly enough it came straight to a picture of my house I looked at the scientist it was a long lost relatives one of brothers line he said to return because they went insane when you left and told me it was a few hours after I had fallen into the thing and that it was taken care of so I didn't have to worry about time issues with that I walked through the portal and straight back into my house or so i thought it just put me back and the Government said nice try your not leaving our grasp your too much of a importance to us there would be no leaving so i just got used to the future rebuilt my life around it now that i had become a permanent solider in the army. I got used to it after awhile and started to like it the fame an gratitude was actually really nice Then all of a sudden i got news of two other friends from my time had also been brought to the future Alex and Tyler had joined the me here too they too have their own teams of fighters and armor now this would be entertaining our forces would be unstoppable. There will be nothing that can defeat us. The only thing that's keeping us from conquering everything is that we are a democracy but now we should not have a huge deal when someone tries to attack us anytime soon. Their timing is good we are being attacked again by the biggest army I have ever seen this is going to be tough we gather our teams together and start a battle plan of our attack now it's time for war and just for our race to survive. We shall show them that we are not a force to be reckoned with now truly the battle begins.

Friday, April 1, 2011

daily journal 4-1-11

Behind her the noise escalated it was getting closer and closer she could feel it coming for her she was running as fast as she could but could not get away from it the noises were louder still ringing in her head she tripped and fell she thought she was done who knows what they would do to her she was alone in a dark place she was frightened for her life. but then something unexpected happened a old man came out of the darkness holding something it was her purse he informed her she left it at the gas station and he was trying all this time to catch up and give it to her